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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Franklin Beltre is originally from New York City and has been in practice since 1997.  He came to Houston after completing a one year podiatry residency at St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, NY.   

Dr. Beltre is also a 1996 graduate of The New York College

of Podiatry (NYCPM), at the time 1 of only 8 schools of

podiatry in the country. His initial practice experience

included extensive work in the Rio Grande Valley area,

where he was the staff podiatrist in over 30 nursing facilities

throughout the area. Most of the patients being either

elderly, diabetic, or highly immunocompromised. 

Dr. Beltre has an undergraduate degree from Lamar

University in Beaumont, Texas where he earned a

B.S. in Biology in 1992 while on an academic and athletic

scholarship to play baseball. 

When Dr. Beltre is not taking care of his patient's feet, he enjoys baseball, skiing, traveling , reading, and spending time with family.

Dr. Beltre’s primary focus is in the area of limb salvage and diabetic as well geriatric foot care, areas that are definitely important and worth focusing on, with so many diabetics in need of attention.


Currently ic2Feet Home Podiatry is catering to many of Houston's in house population that because of debilitating medical conditions, extensive appointments with other doctors, transportation issues,  or the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, can’t make it to their local podiatrist. This includes home visits, hospice care, nursing and Alzheimer’s facilities in Houston and the surrounding areas. 

Although in house care doesn’t include surgical procedures it will prevent many conditions from becoming life threatening in our immunocompromised elderly and diabetic population potentially leading to amputations.

While at NYCPM and at St. Barnabas hospital residency program extensive training was received in the areas of wound care of vascular and diabetic ulcers, an area of podiatry that is under served but very rewarding for the patient when they know they can keep a limb that has been immunocompromised and infected.

The areas focused on in the in home visits are usually nail care, callous and corn trimmings, ingrown nails, heel pain and ulcer prevention.

Dr. Beltre and ic2Feet Home Podiatry are currently taking on new patients as well as nursing facilities and hospice care. Arrangements can be made by contacting the office.

Dr Beltre
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